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We recruit the best talent in the industry for your company.

We find the best talent of the region

  • Uso de IA en LinkedIn 
  • Búsqueda activa para tener en base de datos.
  • Referidos.
  • Networking en eventos.

Contratamos candidatos calificados usando diferentes modelos:

  • Contratado directamente con NAEZ.
  • Contratado temporalmente por NAEZ para luego unirse a la empresa extranjera.

Afiliaciones de los empleados:

  • Pensión.
  • Cesantías.
  • Seguridad social.

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Work remotely

Our offers are 100% remote.

Travelling Discounts

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Alternative contract Options

Contractor (Payment in dollars).

Referred programs

Referral Bonuses


Free training for our collaborators with the Udemy platform


Holidays according to your country of residence

Working tools

We provide the machine (Computer) that the client requires.

Q & A

All our positions are designed for working remotely.

Thanks to our internationalization process we can hire people all over LATAM through Remote to Pay

We are currently working with several clients all over the US and Canada.


Siempre estamos buscando los mejores talentos