About us

The Most valuable asset we have got at Naez is our talent. We are truly passioned by what we do on our everyday. We care about  executing our processes with high quality and for the transparency we offer our customers.


NAEZ is a Colombian company that was born in 2016.

Naez’ mission is to connect strategically both specialized professionals and high potentials with IT projects that are adding global value through technology. Naez’ vision for 2024 is to be a well known company in the recruitment field. We look forward to being a referent in Latam in terms of identifying the right talent in a sustainable and innovative way.

We contribute to the continuous improvement and better productivity of out clients through soft-landing which we use to manage several  HR operations such as hiring, on boarding, payroll and forming talent throughout LATAM.

Frequent questions

All our offers are 100% remote.

Thanks to our internationalization process through Remote to Pay we can contract throughout LATAM.

We have a variety of partners located especially in the United States and Canada.


Meet our team

Natalia Zerda

CEO and Founder

Julio Zerda

financial area and administrative

Luz Mendez

International expansion area and strategy

Catherine Luna

Recruitment area

Daniela Isaza

Recruitment area

Ana Maria Pinilla

Administrative area
Remote to pay

Leidy Enciso

Accounting area

Julian Ospina

Operational area

Carol Martinez

Recruitment Area

Daniel Cortes

Operational and strategic area


We are always looking for the best talent

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